What are the Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors that support Windows 11?

Following the official release of Windows 11 by Microsoft, the list of processors that support the Windows 11 version has been released. If your computer’s processor is listed in this list, your computer will support Windows 11. The list is divided into three sections: Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. List of Intel processors that support Windows … Read more

The first Insider build of Windows 11 is officially announced to be released next week

Microsoft announced the latest Windows 11 on the 24th of this month or yesterday. So this Windows 11 is created with a lot of features. For example, A new Start MenuA new taskbarImprovements for GamesWindows 11 launches with many other things including widgets.So with this new feature many people are waiting to install Windows 11 … Read more

Samsung announces virtual MWC event on June 28th

The COVID-19 virus has changed the way people live in the world. The effect was felt in the Smartphones segment as well and various events had to be held online. However, in the year 2020, some companies were holding events as usual and Samsung has decided to hold their MWC 2021 Event online this time … Read more

Microsoft plans to build data centers in China

Microsoft is planning to build four new data centers in China to expand its cloud platform across Asia, according to a report by Bloomberg. Microsoft has rapidly expanded its cloud service across China, with six Microsoft Data Centers in China. According to their report, the cloud computing market in China is expected to grow to … Read more

Clubhouse back channels and messaging

Clubhouse App, one of the most popular audio based social media platforms originally released for iOS, was recently introduced for Android as well. Clubhouse App has become very popular as an audio based social media platform. Recently, various people had tweeted that they were preparing to introduce a new private messaging feature for Clubhouse. Accordingly, … Read more