China becomes the second country to successfully land on Mars with a Zhurong rover

China has become the second country to successfully land on Mars. Earlier Russia landed one but with the land it became inactive.

The first rover to land on Mars in 1997 was the Sojourner (sometimes called the Pathfinder). Here it means fire god.

Also, this rover weighs around 240KG and the power source here is the solar panel. It is currently scheduled to operate on Mars for 94 days, 10 hours and 24 minutes. In addition, it is said that this rover takes 18 minutes to send a message to the earth.

The rover includes two high-tech cameras, a ground-penetrating radar system and a magnetic field calculator. China hopes to use all of this equipment to explore the weather and groundwater on Mars.

Also, high-quality images of the surface of Mars obtained by this rover will be seen in the future.

NASA, based in the United States since 1997, has landed five rovers on Mars, respectively.

1 = Sojourner (1997 landing on Mars)
2 = Spirit (2004)
3 = Opportunity (2004)
4 = Curiosity (2012)
5 = Perseverance (2021)

This is the first time a rover other than the five rovers has successfully landed and the first time a country other than the United States has successfully landed on Mars.

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