The latest feature that comes with Windows 11 from Microsoft is 5

Some time later, Microsoft released Windows 11 as their flagship operating system yesterday. So today we are going to talk about some of the key features that we can take care of in this.

New Microsoft Store and the ability to run Android Apps

So, the first very special feature is that you can download Android Apps from the Microsoft store and run them without any problems in Windows 11. Here we can only look at the Android Apps in the Amazon Store. So you can see a large number of apps in the Amazon Store in the future. Microsoft further stated that it does not charge any revenue from the apps available there.

Better optimized for touch screens

Another unique feature is that the operating system is very well designed for the touch screen. The virtual keyboard of the new operating system is also unique in that it can be customized to be small enough for anyone to handle with one hand. It is also very easy and fast to take several open windows on the same screen at the same time.

Improved multiple desktop support

Another thing that can be taken care of here is the multi screen feature. If you have already worked on two or more monitors, the biggest problem you may have is that when one monitor is disconnected, the window on the main monitor will drop. While this may seem like a daunting task in Windows 10, Windows 11 allows us to keep it perfectly and without any impact on the main screen. Also, when the monitor is connected, it is positioned as it is without any effect.

Better gaming experience than Windows 10

Gaming is one of the key components of Windows today. So this windows 11 also gives us a chance to play computer games in a great way. The AutoHDR feature in Windows 11 allows us to watch the most beautiful graphics game while playing. But they have not yet said how much this feature works with the graphics card. What’s even more special is that most of the games on the Xbox can be played from Windows 11 onwards. So we can watch the games on Xbox from Windows 11 at no extra cost.

Built in chat facility

Another feature is the built in Microsoft teams feature. If you are already using teams this is a very valuable feature for you. Designed as a slim app like a messaging app and designed very fast, it will bring a new experience.

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