The first Insider build of Windows 11 is officially announced to be released next week

Microsoft announced the latest Windows 11 on the 24th of this month or yesterday. So this Windows 11 is created with a lot of features. For example,

A new Start Menu
A new taskbar
Improvements for Games
Windows 11 launches with many other things including widgets.
So with this new feature many people are waiting to install Windows 11 on their PC or Laptop. However, Windows 11 has not been launched yet. But that’s not the point. Because it was confirmed yesterday through the “Windows Insider” Twitter account that the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build will be released next week. There is no specific date, but Zac Bowden, senior editor at Windows Central, said on his Twitter account that it would be released on the 28th of this month.

However, first of all, if you are hoping to install Windows 11, these are the minimum system requirements required. You can also check if you can run Windows 11 on your PC through the PC Health Check App.

A modern 1Ghz 64-bit dual-core processor
64GB drive
9-inch display
1366×768 resolution
UEFI, Secure Boot & TPM 2.0 compatible
DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WWDM 2.x
So even with these minimum requirements, it is still possible to try out Windows 11 on some older hardware PCs. Also, if you have tried Insider Builds released before the 24th on your PC, you can run the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build on your PC without any problems, even if you do not have the minimum requirements mentioned above.

The special thing is that if you install Windows 11 on a PC that does not have the minimum requirements, you will often face problems and errors. Be a little more careful about that too.

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