Microsoft plans to build data centers in China

Microsoft is planning to build four new data centers in China to expand its cloud platform across Asia, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Microsoft has rapidly expanded its cloud service across China, with six Microsoft Data Centers in China. According to their report, the cloud computing market in China is expected to grow to $ 46 billion by 2023.

In addition, Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is partnering with a local Chinese company to expand its cloud service in China. Alibaba and Huawei are the biggest competitors in Microsoft’s cloud service platform. These two companies are currently the 2 largest companies in the cloud service sector in China.

Data released by Gartner last May shows that the global cloud computing market is set to grow rapidly by 2020, with the laaS market at around $ 64.286 billion. It is also a growth of 40.7%.

The Global Cloud Computing 3A Pattern is stable and Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba are among the top three in the cloud rankings. Cloud computing is a very good business and it also helps big companies to make money fast

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