It is reported that an hitherto unreleased Exynos chipset will be released under the name Google Tensor

In October last year, Samsung officially announced that it was developing two chipsets, the Exynos 9855 and the Exynos 9925. After those reports, we were constantly in the news about the Exynos 9925 chipset, but no further details were reported on the Exynos 9855. But Galaxy Club, a Dutch tech website run by Android workers, … Read more

The new CEO of Qualcomm says that Huawei is as powerful as Apple

Earlier this month, Cristiano Amon, who officially took over as CEO of Qualcomm, conducted his first interview. According to the report, the company aims to increase and strengthen Qualcomm Chips sales in the Chinese market and expect further revenue growth. He also mentioned that Huawei is leaving Android. He says Huawei’s abandonment of Android has … Read more

Facebook is set to introduce a quick way to revisit automatically banned WhatsApp accounts

Facebook is removing the accounts of people who do not agree with the rules of WhatsApp through an automated system. However, there are instances where the WhatsApp accounts of those who have not violated the rules have been removed by this automated system. Currently, there is no quick way to retrieve a WhatsApp account when … Read more

Japan Airlines is set to launch flying cars in 2025

It has been reported that Japan Airlines hopes to start operations in the Flying Car segment in the near future. Accordingly, in the year 2025, Japan Airlines is preparing to launch a flying car airline in its country. Japan Airlines hopes to launch a passenger car service through the Flying Car service, which will focus … Read more

What is nuclear waste?

There are two main types of nuclear waste. Contaminants from nuclear fuels used in a nuclear reactor (direct contaminants)After the closure of the power plant, some parts of the plant are radioactive, so they are considered as waste and have to be operated (indirect waste). These two types are dealt with in two ways. However, … Read more