The new CEO of Qualcomm says that Huawei is as powerful as Apple

Earlier this month, Cristiano Amon, who officially took over as CEO of Qualcomm, conducted his first interview. According to the report, the company aims to increase and strengthen Qualcomm Chips sales in the Chinese market and expect further revenue growth.

He also mentioned that Huawei is leaving Android. He says Huawei’s abandonment of Android has created a huge gap. In addition, he emphasized that Huawei is a powerful company with a large customer base, as well as Apple.

Speaking about doing business in the Chinese market, Mr. Amon praised the contract nature of customers and respect for intellectual property rights. Qualcomm also earned $ 12.8 billion from $ 16.5 billion in chips sales through mobile chips. Therefore, this is a major business that cannot be missed and needs to be further strengthened, says Cristiano Amon.

In addition, some analysts say that Qualcomm’s brand awareness is not as good as Intel’s and NVIDIA’s. Cristiano Amon also hints that a new brand strategy has been developed for Snapdragon chips.

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