WhatsApp is ready to give you the option to choose custom resolutions when sharing videos

If you are sharing a video with someone else through WhatsApp, you have already experienced that the video will be compressed during that sharing. That is, the quality of the video decreases to the recipient. To avoid this, many people select the video and send it through the document in the WhatsApp attachment.

They are now working to provide a solution to this problem that has existed in Whatsapp for many years through a future update. In the future, WhatsApp will allow you to share the video you want with high resolution without any problems.

Accordingly, when sharing a video, you will have the opportunity to choose the quality of the video you want to share. There are three options to choose from: Auto, Best Quality and Data Saver.

Auto (Recommended):
This allows us to automatically select the best compression algorithm for the video and send the video accordingly.

Best Quality:
This allows us to send the video in the best quality possible.

Data Saver:
This allows us to save data and send a compressed video.

This new feature is not yet available for the beta version and will be available for the beta version in the future.

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