Unlimited Google Drive support for WhatsApp backups is reportedly coming to an end soon

Last week, Facebook launched the latest version of Whatsapp to provide end-to-end encrypted support for Whatsapp Chat Backups.

However, according to a recent post on Whatsapp’s official blog, WaBetaInfo, Facebook is set to discontinue its Unlimited Drive Backup feature for Whatsapp Chat Backups. Accordingly, they are testing a new option to manage the Whatsapp Chat Backup Size through the Whatsapp Beta Version.

From 2018, Google and its partners will offer Unlimited Backup for Whatsapp Chat to Whatsapp users, so your Google Drive storage will be backed up to Chats Google Drive at no cost.

According to their official blog site, the Manage Backup Size Option allows you to decide whether or not to backup your Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents and other media. This feature allows you to backup only what you need to backup your drive. This will allow Facebook to back up only what you need in case of any restrictions on Whatsapp Backup.

According to current reports, Facebook and Google will jointly provide 2000MB of Free Google Drive Storage for Whatsapp Backup, and when this 2000MB Drive Storage is exceeded, your Google Drive storage will be used for this purpose.

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is teaming up with Google to remove Unlimited Google Drive storage for Whatsapp, as Google has previously removed Unlimited Storage for Google Photo. However, it should be noted that Google has not yet made any official announcement about the termination or restriction of the Unlimited Chat Backup feature that is already being provided for Whatsapp.

However, this Backup Size Manager feature will be available with the Stable Version to be released for Android and iOS in the near future. Will be able to take.

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