Fear of going out these days How to save the phone if the phone falls into the water?

  1. Get out of the water quickly.

The phone fell off, so now get out of the water without saying “please”. If it is completely submerged, immediately remove the back covers of the phone (unless it is a seal type phone). It would be worthwhile to get a chemical wash done by a well experienced technician. Than we can save.

But if it’s too late to do that, then there’s nothing else to do.

If you do not have another phone, please tell your girlfriend, wife, parents what happened to your phone. Otherwise they get upset when you lose your voice. When you come to eat your head, you will feel that it would be better if the phone dried up and you drowned.

  1. Hit the charge
    Do not hang up the phone for any reason.
  2. Turn off the phone immediately

Turn off the phone immediately. If the switch is watered, it may not work. The best thing to do then is to remove the back cover and remove the battery directly.

  1. Remove the SIM

This is why you often want to save your phone. Sometimes the contacts on your SIM can be more valuable than your phone. It is worth saving the SIM as there is a possibility that the sms from those who cannot be forgotten may have been archived.

  1. Remove everything you can on the phone

We took the phone out of the water, turned off the phone, removed the SIM, now all we have to do is remove everything that can be removed from the phone. Because removable means that water can seep into those parts. You can remove the SIM, memory card, battery, back cover, and even the keypad of some old phones. If so, it doesn’t matter.

  1. Wipe

Take a good piece of cotton cloth and wipe it at every corner as possible.

  1. Hair dryer? “Wana”, vacuum cleaner? “and”

Do not use a hair dryer at any time to dry your phone. A hair dryer can do as much damage to your phone as water. Pay close attention to this because the circuits have very sensitive fiber components.

If you want to dry quickly, the best option is a vacuum cleaner. A hair dryer sends a hot breeze into the phone, but a vacuum cleaner pulls anything into it. So there is no escape for even the smallest water vapor.

Wait a minute.
The only thing you need to do beyond this is if you have no way to get out to repair your phone. If there is a situation where you can go out safely and fix the phone, after the seventh step you have to take the phone from Hooray Gold and go to a technician to have it repaired.

  1. Press in the rice

Friends on our phones probably know about this. It doesn’t matter if your phone is torn to pieces like we said before, even in a rice box or a packet of rice at home. It’s okay to put it down for a day or two. The more there is, the more water vapor is absorbed. When many people say that, some sites have added a question mark to this solution. If you read a little here, there will be no loss about it.

  1. Keep in the sun? “Yes”, but be careful

Keep in the sun, but do not expose your limbs to the scorching sun. That’s the damage we do with a hair dryer. Therefore, even if it is allowed to dry for a while, it will not be a loss.

  1. Just before that
    Some phones have parts that have water leaking into them, indicating a change in color.

Example: – Normally, if water leaks into a battery, it indicates a change in the color of the small white crystal next to the contact pin at the top. So don’t get caught lying!

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