It is reported that the Windows 11 version is capable of sideloading Android APKs

Android workers read our articles regularly. You already know that we will be able to install Android apps on the upcoming Windows 11. By bringing that Amazon Store to Microsoft. So in Windows 11 you can install and use as many Android apps as you like natively through the Microsoft Store.

It is also learned that Windows 11 will have the opportunity to sideload Android APKs. Through this sideload you can download and install any APK you like outside of the Microsoft Store.

The statements of Miguel de Icaza, a well-known engineer, confirm this information.

If you simply ask him if he can install APK files in Windows 11, his answer will be “yes”. Mr. Miguel is currently working with “GNOME” and many other software projects. Most importantly, he currently works at Microsoft.

However, it is not clear how the process will work if the APK is currently installed on Windows 11. Is it possible to download an APK as usual and install an APK by double clicking the mouse?

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