A solution to the prisoner crisis on social media

The solution to this crisis is not even talked about in the documentary film Social Dilemma. The reason is because social media addiction is so high.

As a simple example, take the WhatsApp crisis that everyone has been talking about lately. As it is said everywhere, WhatsApp is a dangerous service that is not suitable for use. But people are so addicted to it that they can’t get rid of it. More than that, people do not even want to switch to apps like Signal, which is far ahead in terms of security, and Telegram, which is far ahead in terms of facilities. That is why we have to close our eyes when we see the destruction that is taking place.

But I believe that ‘Android Workers’ readers are a special, different and intelligent group than others. Based on that belief, I am preparing today to present a very successful solution to these crises. I think a lot of people will like this solution.

In the previous article we discussed the need to prevent the accumulation of our data in several major companies. The FOSS community offers a solution to this so that you can keep your data with you. Its name is Fediverse. I will not elaborate on the technical background of this. Anyone who wants to can find as much information about this as possible through the internet. Let me tell you what the concept is and what happens.

What is Fediverse?

Quite simply, Fediverse is a combination of the words Federation and Universe. Here is how it works. We can store our data wherever we want. Then we can connect the server where our data is stored to other people’s servers like that. Then a social media network will be formed there. The difference is that we control everything. Let us explain this more simply.

Let’s take an example, you know that it is very difficult to verify in a service like Facebook, Twitter. You have to eat a wonderful piece to put a blue name on our name.

But in order to be verified within the Fediverse, all you have to do is put an emoji and put the right sign like our name. Because, in this case, you are the owner of the social media.

It’s as simple as putting the owner of Twitter in front of his name, and Mark Zuckerberg can customize his profile the way he wants you to be the owner of this platform! The work is dead, isn’t it? Really yes. We call this Self Hosted.

Inside the Fediverse there are platforms like Twitter / Facebook, Instagram, YouTube that we use today, instead of the self hosted options like I said earlier.

Instead of Twitter / Facebook, like Mastodon, Diaspora, Pleroma, Friendica
PixelFed instead of Instagram
Instead of YouTube, a solution called PeerTube can be pointed out.
In addition, there are many other unpopular services in the Fediverse network. But this is a bit popular and the world is currently famous social media as well as beautiful, good quality. Social media under one company, such as Facebook and Twitter, is called centralized, and the platforms we are talking about today, all of which are not under one company, are called decentralized.

Let’s Join the Fediverse!

Next we will see how we can join these services. The second method is extremely simple. First of all I will tell you how it is difficult but better and more reliable to need some ICT knowledge. It is not difficult but it requires some knowledge and interest.

The first thing to do is get a VPS or some other type of server. Then, install the required software on the server. Then you can connect to these services. This is where all your details are stored on your server. No sensitive data will be taken out of this server without your knowledge. This is a 100% safe method.

If you find it difficult to do this for a single person, get people on your campus or workplace to get a server and install these services. The work is reliable and safe.

Next we will look at the second solution, simply how to use these services. Just like we create an account on Facebook, you can also create an account on this service. How is that? That’s it. I said earlier that you need to get a server to use these. You can turn a server bought by someone like that into a public server, allowing you to use it too. Below I will put down some of them that have been made public servers. Create an account and try it out. If you think the work is good you can go to your own server. If you want you can continue to use a public server like that. Because this server is 1000% more secure than Facebook. No ads, no monitoring, no addictive AI.

Mastodon Interface
Mastodon – https://mastodon.social
Diaspora – https://diasp.org/
Pleroma – https://spinster.xyz/
Friendica – https://squeet.me/
Pixelfed – https://pixelfed.social/

Peertube – https://framatube.org/
From this site https://fediverse.party you can choose the server you like from the thousands of other servers and create their accounts.

You can search the internet for these things I said. Many things can be found on the Internet, such as technical information and things you need to do to build your own server.

This concept is very beautiful. Also, there are no rules or regulations for these services. Make your own server and no matter what you put in it no one can say anything. Can’t report, can’t drive you off that platform. But the sad thing is that people are not interested in things like this. I do not want to see the truth. I do not want to change. All people who use these services are foreigners. People in Sri Lanka have never heard of these things.

So I invite you to find out and learn about this. There is no profit in writing these things to me. But I decided to write about these things in the name of the right to privacy on the Internet, the right not to be a puppet of anyone, the right to speak and express oneself, and a better security for the future. See you again, you win!

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